You cannot romance male characters in the game. However most of the games features still apply and you may find male characters useful in several ways. Need a wing man, or someone to cover for you?

The Affinity and Persona systems apply to male characters in much same way as female characters. How each character perceives you will affect their attitude towards you and willingness to do things for you.

Your best friend Ralph will cover for you in most situations – unless you neglect your friendship or otherwise piss him off. Pursuing his big sister Kimberley is an easy way to piss him off; assuming he finds out. Conversely, Ralph doesn’t seem to have a problem with you pursuing his mom (Cynthia).

Several of the Mothers in the game are married. Getting along with their husbands can help to reduce suspicion of you spending a lot of time at their houses – assuming you’re trying to pursue their wives.

For the purpose of game mechanics, your Mom is essentially treated as a male character.


Some of the male characters