The game has three modes of difficulty setting. Easy, Normal and Hard. This does not change the content of the game, just your journey through the game.

The main effect of the difficulty setting is the Affinity and Persona systems. The threshold for achieving a high affinity is reduced in easy mode and increased in hard, compared to normal.


The affinity system is the measure of your progress with each character.


The persona is a capped points system and is your attitude towards characters. Either a ‘Mr Nice Guy’‘Bad Boy’ or ‘Neutral’ approach.


The game is a series of linear events which make up the time of day system – Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. The majority of the game will take place in the first three time periods, with the player usually sleeping at night.


Which location to visit, character to interact with and dialogue are all choices the game.

A choice might not have an obvious or immediate effect. Choosing to spend time with a specific character means you also chose not to spend time with another character.


A choice that jumps ahead and skips content, usually awarding affinity in the process.

Look Closer

As the name suggests, the look closer option allows you to get a closer look at a character, or rather a specific part of that character.


There are two types of collectables in the game. Unlockables and Panties.


The trophies are awarded the first time you complete specific actions. They can only be awarded once for each play through. Playing the game again and completing that action with a different character will award a new trophy.

Free Roam

The Game includes small free roam sections. These allow the player to explore a room or small location.


The smartphone is used to access in-game information such as relationship stats and more (besides calls and text messages).

Contacts App

This app lists people for who you have their number. You can change the profile picture and customize the display name. If events are available for calling or messaging they will be displayed here.

Calls App

This app shows all calls made/received, including missed calls.

Messages App

This app is used to send/receive text messages, including photos.

Relationship App

The relationships app allows you to check your current affinity and person for each character.

Tasks App

Some events will add a task for you to keep track of. This is mainly used by the group events, but can be used by any event.

Photos App

This is where your saved images are stored. Click on an image to view a larger version.

Trophies App

Trophies for current game are displayed here.

Free roam App

The Free Roam App is used as a hint system to avoid players getting stuck in the free roam.