The game is a series of linear events which make up the time of day system – Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. The majority of the game will take place in the first three time periods, with the player usually sleeping at night.

Most events will take place during one time slot and will automatically advance time at the end of the event. Some events will take place over a longer time period and will advance time accordingly.

For story purposes, the events you don’t play still take place. Your prior actions can sometimes influence the outcome of these events.

Events can also be shorter than a time period, giving you an option to play several events.

The consequences for not picking an event will depend on the specific event itself and the characters involved. For instance, missing an event you agreed to attend, such as a date, can have negative consequences.

Other consequences may be to increase the potential affinity score with characters involved in the event. Since Affinity is a percentage system, this will have the effect of lowing your affinity with those characters.

Your affinity level may decrease with some characters depending on the events you select. This is not because you’ve done something wrong with those characters, but merely an effect of not earning the potential affinity points on offer in the event you didn’t pick. The first three in-game days (Fri, Sat and Sun) are excluded from this feature.

You may need to carefully select events if you’re interested in specific characters.

Group events, as the name suggests, involve a group of people. Which characters attend the event will generally depend on your affinity level with those characters. There are usually some prerequisites you need to complete before the event time. For instance, if the event is a party you may be expected to arrange some element of the party and/or invite specific people.

Rather than use a map, the game will offer locations that have available events.

The Smartphone will be available on this screen, allowing you to check for messages, calls or the task list etc…

As you learn characters schedules you’ll know who’ll likely be at a certain location. This may change as the story progresses.