This app lists people for who you have their number. You can change the profile picture and customize the display name. If events are available for calling or messaging they will be displayed here.

An ‘Unknown’ contact is someone who’s called or messaged you, but you don’t know their name. Once you discover their name it will change to a regular contact.





In Hard mode you cannot customize the picture and name of an unknown contact.

Select the picture icon to choose a new image, or the edit icon to edit the existing  image

Edit existing image

Choose new image

Once selected, you will have the option to crop the image (since all profile pictures are square).
Use the diagonal arrows to resize the box. The up, down, left or right move the box.
The number ‘25’ indicates how many pixels the box will resize/move by. Use the arrows to increase or decrease this amount.

To reset the profile picture select the default image and the contact picture will revert to its original.