As the name suggests, the look closer option allows you to get a closer look at a character, or rather a specific part of that character.

There is a chance of getting caught, which can affect your affinity score with that character (or other characters nearby). In some situations, you may get into trouble for not looking closer, if the character wants or expects you to do so.

Getting caught may result in a different image than expected, such as the character covering what you were trying to look at.
You can still get caught even with a successful look. For instance, a character might not be able to stop you from looking at her cleavage if she is doing something, but she may bring this up in a later conversation.


Whilst the look closer feature is primarily a voyeurism tool, it does have other uses.

At the beginning of the game, you can ask to take a picture of Catherine on your new phone. The look closer feature is how you take her photo. She will be unhappy if you don’t look closer, especially since you just asked her to pose for a picture.

A character may ask what you think of her outfit. Not using the look closer option will result in her complaining you didn’t look.

In Easy mode, the option to ‘Look Closer’ will be highlighted

Providing the smartphone is available at the time (i.e. it’s not lost, stolen, or left somewhere (like in a locker)). The look closer image is saved to the Photos App.

They are also added to the main menu gallery screen.