Mothers & Daughters

Mothers & Daughters is an adult visual novel in which you play as 18 year old Max (name customizable). Max worked hard to finish high school and passed with the relevant grades to get into a local college. There was one thing Max failed at in high school – losing his virginity. Can you help him with that?

Max lives with his parents in the fictional town of Rockbrough and will be attending the local college. The game does include some scenes in the college and relevant classes, but does not directly revolve around the college ecosystem itself. Therefore it does not contain any fraternity or sorority aspects.

Each game day is split into four time periods – morning, afternoon, evening and night. You will have a choice of scenes to play for each period. Most scenes will last one time period, however some can last multiple time periods. There may also be a selection of sub-scenes, such as exploring the mall.

You can choose which characters to romantically pursue. You do not have to romantically pursue every female character you come into contact with. It will not be possible to pursue every female character in one play through.

There are several systems used to track your statistics with each character. How you chose to interact and behave towards the characters, either good or bad, will affect those stats and what further options are available. In order to pursue a romantic involvement with a character you will need to achieve certain stats.

Check out the Game Features for more information on each topic.

The game is in rolling development. This means the game is released in ‘playable days’. This is currently a hobby, if you’re able to support on Patreon you’ll help me spend more time on the game.

With version 4.1 we have three and a half playable days of approx 2.7k renders.