As the older sister of your arch nemesis, Melvin. Patricia will be suspicious of you.

You can try and crack her solo, or with some help. Patricia’s best friend Kimberley (on her Nice Guy path) will encourage your relationship with Patricia. She will talk you up and suggest ways the two of you can spend time together.

Note: Kimberley generally refers to Patricia as Tricia.

Patricia’s mom is worried about her daughter’s seeming inexperience with men. She will encourage you to spend time with her daughter. The dance class is taught by Patricia’s mom, who will sometimes call Patricia in to assist.

Her brother Malvin will try and sabotage your relationship. This can somewhat be mitigated by trying to stay on his good side. Also, talking shit about Malvin around Patricia will lower her Affinity with you.

Patricia’s father won’t directly help you, but he can be a way to bring out her rebellious side. You can encourage Patricia to disobey her father. Although doing so will earn Bad Boy points. Choose wisely, as you will need to be a Nice Guy for it to work.

You can also encourage Patricia to make friends with other characters in the game. More information to come once those storylines are revealed in-game.


Patricia’s first scene is at the Fitness Center with Kimberley.

Get the card from Noe. It doesn’t matter if you pay him or not, as he’ll give you the same card regardless. The name on the membership card is ‘J Anderson’.

You’ll bump into Kimberley and Patricia, who were just on their way out.
Kimberley will ask what you think of her new workout gear.

The tan lines choice is referenced as “Patricia orientated”.
After Patricia almost exposes Kimberley’s nipple, the discussion will move to Patricia wearing a one-piece swimsuit to the tanning salon and Kimberley giving her a wedgie. The topic of Patricia’s tan lines will come up in the future.

You get the choice to tell them about the membership card Noe gave you.

Telling them will reveal some information about Patricia, such as her father being ‘J Anderson’.

Kimberley will give you a tour. If you chose the tan lines option she will jokingly ask if you want to see Patricia’s tan lines.


Patricia’s next scene is at the clothes shop on Saturday afternoon. Providing you’ve achieved medium or high Affinity, she’ll be nice to you.

If you skipped the Gym scene on Friday, this will be your first scene with Patricia. She will be a little hostile.

Noe will enter the store. He calls her Trixie.

You should intervene, making your presence known. Noe’s response will depend on if you’ve met him already.

If you don’t intervene but have high Affinity, Patricia will involve you anyway. Otherwise, she’ll try and handle Noe herself.

She tells Noe there’s a delivery of intimates scheduled for tomorrow.

Patricia’s father (John Anderson) enters after Noe leaves. It’s obvious they have a frosty relationship. He scorns her for leaving an undressed mannequin on display and questions her attire. He unbuttons her top a bit and questions why she’s not wearing the short skirt he gave her.

Noticing you, John will tell her she has customers to attend to.

If you have medium or high Affinity, Patricia will say you were enquiring about the job. Her father’s not happy, preferring one of her female friends would apply.
After he’s gone Patricia gives you an opportunity to turn down the job if you’re not interested.

You can choose to have lunch with Kimberley and Patricia.

On the way to a table, a woman will drop her purse. You can pick it up as a Nice Guy, or let Kimberley get it for Bad Boy.

The woman who dropped her purse is not wearing panties, but you’ll only see that if you pick up her purse.

After ordering food, Kimberley will ask if you looked at the chick with no panties. She’ll call bullshit if you try and lie.

If you let Kimberley pick up the purse, she will recant a story where something similar happened to Patricia at the Gym.

After eating, Kimberley will suggest you for the job helping Patricia at the clothes shop.


If you’ve accepted the job at the Clothes store, you’ll have a scene with Patricia on Sunday afternoon.

Patricia is wearing a big puffy jacket. Her father is in the store. He scorns her again for her choice of attire and for not yet moving the mannequin.

In the storeroom, Patricia wants to trust you with something. If you have a high Affinity with Kimberley, you’ll automatically receive an affinity and nice guy point with Patricia.

She confesses she is wearing the top her father asked of her, but it’s too revealing and thus she wore the jacket to conceal it. But the jacket is too itchy and she needs to take it off.

The top is indeed revealing, with her bra clearly visible. You can choose the Nice Guy approach and say it looks nice, or go for Affinity points and mention you can see her bra.

Choosing to mention her bra will open up a further discussion where you can choose Nice Guy or Affinity answers.
Due to Affinity being a percentage system, not earning those Affinity points will result in your Affinity score dropping. Choose wisely.

She’ll lead you into an old elevator, complaining about how much she hates it. The elevator will judder, making her fall. Catch her for Affinity and Nice Guy points.

In the loading bay, she discovers her boxes have already been opened. Patricia blames the girl who works in the Electronics store. If you’ve met Keira you can admit to knowing her, or keep quiet. Although keeping quiet could come back to bite you in future scenes with Keira and Patrica both present.

Patricia thinks Keira stole something from the shop, but she didn’t pursue it as her father wasn’t concerned.

The lift will judder on the return trip. If Patricia’s Affinity is high she won’t hold on and you’ll be forced to catch her.