Kimberley will respond to both Nice Guy and Bad Boy approaches. However, each persona will result in different content.

On the Nice Guy persona, Kimberley will encourage your relationship with Patricia. She will talk you up to Patricia and suggest ways you and Patricia can spend time together.

On the Bad Boy persona, She will encourage you and Patricia to become friendly. Although Kimberley will get jealous if she sees that relationship developing into something more than just friends.

Note: Kimberley generally refers to Patricia as Tricia.

To increase your scenes with Kimberley you should sign up to the Business course and the dance class.


After you choose your course selection and extra credit activity you will have a choice of two locations to play.

The Fitness Center will involve Kimberly and Patricia. This is the preferred choice if you’re looking to pursue both girls.

Cooper’s house is split into multiple paths. You can choose to see Cynthia (Kimberley’s mother), after which you can leave and not see Kimberley, or go into the kitchen where you find Kimberley after she’s had a fight with her brother Ralph.
The other option is to stay and chat with Ralph. Kimberley will come in and the two siblings will argue before Ralph storms out.

At the Fitness Center, get the card from Noe. It doesn’t matter if you pay him or not, as he’ll give you the same card regardless. The name on the membership card is ‘J Anderson’.

You’ll bump into Kimberley and Patricia, who were just on their way out (which is how Kimberley ends up at home for the alternate scene).

Kimberley will ask what you think of her new workout gear. She will remember if you look at her top, bottoms, or neither.

The skimpy choice is referenced as “Kimberley orientated”.
Whilst discussing their clothing, Patricia will reveal that Kimberley isn’t wearing underwear. You can mention this in the future when you see Kimberley in her underwear.

You get the choice to tell them about the membership card Noe gave you. Kimberley will loan you her card, which reveals she works at the Fitness Center.

Kimberley will give you a tour. If you chose the tan lines option she will jokingly ask if you want to see Patricia’s tan lines. Asking to see Kimberley’s tan lines leans towards her solo path.

During the tour, Kimberley will lead you into a general-purpose room. She says Patricia’s mom holds the dance class here.
If you’ve signed up for the dance class you will tell Kimberley. Excitedly, she will suggest the two of you pair up in class.

The next room is for yoga classes. If she’s told you she teaches a yoga class, you’ll ask her about it. She will then ask you to attend.

Next up is the pool. This is where Kimberley ends the tour as she needs to catch up with Patricia and take a shower. You can jokingly ask to join for Bad Boy points.

Cooper’s house

If you opt for Cooper’s and chat with Ralph, Kimberley will enter the kitchen as Ralph mentions the large tits on the woman in the video. She assumes he’s watching porn in the kitchen again.

Whilst the video ralph was showing you is porn, he resents his sister’s assumption.

Ralph then asks why she’s not at the gym, referencing Patricia as Morticia.
After the fight, you can choose to stay and talk to Kimberley or go grocery shopping for mom.

If you instead opted to see Cynthia, you will find Kimberley in the kitchen after Ralph has already stormed off.
You can choose to greet her as a Nice Guy or a Bad Boy.

Both Kimberley’s scenes at her house converge at this point.

Whilst getting herself a juice, she pushes past you. In calling her bluff she will tell you about her yoga class, and how you just volunteered to help.

Kimberley will ask what classes you’re doing in college. She’ll take an interest if you’ve signed up for the Business course.
You’ll also tell her which extra credit activity you’ve signed up for. Although, unlike the Gym scene, she won’t tell you she’s also taking the dance class.

You should also tell Kimberley why Ralph is angry.


Kimberley’s next scene is Saturday morning at her house. You arrive expecting to find Ralph, but instead, end up helping Kimberley assemble bedroom furniture.

During the scene, you will have choices on what to say and how to respond to her. Use the in-game walkthrough to pick the best option for your playthrough, Nice Guy or Bad Boy.

Unhappy with the pace of the assembly, Kimberley decides to take charge. Unfortunately, in doing so she traps her pant leg and begins to lose balance.

You can catch her (Nice Guy) or let her fall (Bad Boy).

If you catch Kimberley, her pants will only get pulled down just enough to reveal she’s wearing panties. If you chose the ‘Skimpy’ option at the Gym you will get the chance to mention that she does wear panties. If you have high Affinity, she will laugh and pull her pants down further to prove she is wearing panties.

If you let her fall her pants will get pulled down a lot more. She’s wearing sheer panties and her bush is clearly visible. If you have anything lower than high Affinity, she will attempt to cover her crotch. She won’t say anything if you look closer, but you’ll lose Affinity and she’ll remember you looked.

Once the build is complete, she will ask you to wait in the garage while she gets changed.
The option to stay and watch is only available if you’re a Bad Boy.
Providing you have high Affinity she won’t mind, but she’ll still make you leave before you see too much.

At the Shopping Mall, you can choose to have lunch with Kimberley and Patricia.

On the way to a table, a woman will drop her purse. You can pick it up as a Nice Guy, or let Kimberley get it for Bad Boy.

The woman who dropped her purse is not wearing panties, but you’ll only see that if you pick up her purse.

After ordering food, Kimberley will ask if you looked at the chick with no panties. She’ll call bullshit if you try and lie.

If you let Kimberley pick up the purse, she will recant a story where something similar happened to Patricia at the Gym.

After eating, Kimberley will suggest you for the job helping Patricia at the clothes shop. Whilst the job is primarily a Patricia route, As friends, Kimberley will sometimes show up. Your access to the back of the shop will be restricted if you don’t work there.